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Hospitality TV Made Simple

True Multi-tenant Cloud Solution
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Features: Unparallel super easy and fast deployment. Centralized management across whole hotel chain. Bi-directional communication with guests. Simple navigation. High performance and smooth animations. PMS integration.
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So Natural For Guests

Supported Services
  • Powered by Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast
  • Thousands of apps with content
  • No password is required
  • GDPR compliant
  • Smooth and fast user interface
  • Bill presentation
  • Express check-out
  • Housekeeping requests
  • Weather forcasts
  • Airport departures and arrivals
  • Local events
  • Booking services (golf, spa, tenis court,...)
  • Localization to 22 languages!
  • Automated content localization
  • and much more
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So powerful for hotel chains

  • Non-disruptive deployment (installation can take only 5mins per TV)
  • Simple distributed content and settings across whole hotel chain
  • Seamless PMS integration
  • Guest groups support
  • Guest and group messages support
  • Scheduled and triggered automated messages
  • Customized promotions
  • Single management console for worldwide deployments
  • TV agnostic (no need to buy expensive smart hotel TV)
  • Brand enforcement
  • IPTV headend management integration
  • VoD content appliance management integration
  • Optional LAN/WAN content distribution appliances fully integrated into single management console
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About Mediagate

Mediagate is a leading provider of IPTV for hotels and hospitals. Mediagate’s next-generation system offers guests the same rich digital experience that they are used at home.

Replacing the TVs is not needed anymore to provide guests with the very latest Smart TV functionality. Mediagate provides a complete stand alone solution that includes a small Set Top Box (hidden behind the screen) and a specialized remote control.

Mediagate’s philosophy starts with simplicity and easy-of-usage in all things.

Its system deploys quickly in individual properties and hotel chains around the world, integrates seamlessly with leading PMS (Fidelio/Silverbyte), and provides hotels and hospitals with a powerful communications tool from interactive messaging between guest and staff, to meal ordering, and booking of amenities.

For guests the system offers a rich and welcoming experience. It automatically configures their room’s TV to match their profile including interface language and channel selection.

Mediagate works with partners and distributors around the world and has offices in Tel Aviv, Prague, and Lisbon.

Tel Aviv City
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Mediagate Ltd.
22 Ehud st.
69936 Tel-Aviv


Mediagate Europe a.s.
V Olšinách 75
10000 Prague
Czech Republic